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Frequently Asked Questions

Your License must be valid in Japan to drive a rented vehicle. You must have either a 1) Japanese driver's license, 2) your home license plus an International Driver's Permit issued under the Geneva Convention of Road Traffic of 1949, or 3) your home licenses plus a Japanese translation issued by an authorized organization for licenses issued in Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Taiwan, Slovenia, or Monaco. Please read our guide for more details.
International Driver's Permits are valid for one (1) year from the date of issue (please confirm the date of issue) and their validity for driving in Japan is one (1) year from the date of entry into Japan (confirmed by the immigration stamp in the passport showing the date of entry into Japan). International driving permits acquired from signatory countries to the Paris Convention (1926), the Washington Convention (1943) or the Vienna Convention (1968) are not valid in Japan! Please read our guide for more details. With your Geneva 1949 IDP you can drive a van up to 9 seats maximum. For driving vehicles with more than nine (9) seats, including driver's seat, a stamp in the category D box is needed.
If you have a driver's license issued in Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Taiwan, Slovenia, or Monaco, you need to have your home license, your passport, an an authorized Japanese translation of your license. Authorized Japanese translation of the driver's license should be issued by the respective country's embassy or consulate in Japan or by the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF). We can supply directions to JAF in Sapporo if needed. You need to get this before you pick up the car, and it generally takes around 10 minutes. For Taiwanese licenses, a Japanese translation of the driver's license should be issued by the JAF or the East Asia Relations Commission. Translations are valid for one (1) year from the date of entry into Japan. Please read our guide for more details.
If there is accident, your are covered by our comprehensive insurance. Coverage amounts are listed below, payment of such insurance money is conditional on the rental contract full terms and conditions. (1) Third Party Medical - Compensation for personal damage: Unlimited amount JPY per person (including compulsory automobile liability insurance). (2) Third Party Property - Compensation for property damage: Unlimited per accident (deductible to our client up to 50 000 JPY). (3) Compensation for personal injury: All customers are covered in our vehicles for medical insurance up to 30 000 000 JPY per person. (Deductible to our client up to 150 000 JPY per accident). Please check your travel insurance as you may also have coverage for rental cars.
If the worst happens and there is an accident, the following deductibles will apply before insurance picks up the full remaining amount. The following is a non-negotiable part of our contracts. 5000+ yen, fuel cost if the tank is not filled before return; 75 000 yen (fixed) for any damage to the rental vehicle if the vehicle is drivable; 150 000 yen (fixed) for any damage to the rental vehicle if the vehicle is not drivable, plus 50 000 yen (fixed) for any damage to third-party vehicles or property. Please check your travel insurance as you may have coverage for rental car deductibles that may apply here. Also, if you paid by credit card, this may have automatic coverage for rental car deductibles. Please check with your own company about this directly.
Yes! We deliver to your accommodations. We can confirm your specific drop-off time when you have made your booking and confirmed payment. At the drop-off time we will come to your accommodations in the Niseko area with the vehicle and make the rental contract. This usually takes around 15 minutes. Once the rental contract is done, we ask that you drive our driver back to our office - this gives you time to know the vehicle and ask some questions! When you make your booking using our website, you can specify your exact pick up and drop off times, along with location. Please feel free to ask questions for details.
Be prepared and get the car quicker! Please have all drivers drivers licenses ready - that is, their international licenses and licenses from home country (We need to check validity). Also the contract signee (Usually the person who booked the vehicle) will need to present their passport and a valid credit card. Though the car may have been paid for - we take a copy of your credit card for security.
At the end of your rental, please fill the car up with petrol and drive it back to our base in Niseko at the pre-booked time. Our driver will be waiting and ready to drive you straight back to your accommodations, the Welcome Centre, or pretty much anywhere in the Niseko area.
Yes, of course we can! We can deliver the car to anywhere in the Niseko area, including Moiwa (including Niseko Resort Towers), Annapuri, Higashiyama, and Kutchan. Please note that after the contract signing you will need to drive our driver back to base, so it will take some time! Also at the end of the rental you need to bring the car back to base and our driver will drive you back to your accommodations. Driving from base to Moiwa, for example, can take 25 minutes in winter. We can deliver the car further afield, but additional charges may apply. Please read about Airport pickup and ask for details for other locations.
Our base is in the Niseko region and we can bring the vehicle to you. In winter, we generally do not offer airport pick up due to potential bad road conditions between Niseko and Sapporo. There is a mountain pass you must drive over from Sapporo New Chitose Airport to Niseko (2-3 hours' drive) and if the weather is bad it can be dangerous. The pass frequently has blizzards and whiteout conditions in winter. We recommend after the long flight to take a bus or train transfer. Most people with several visits to the region recommend the train in winter. If you are heading straight to Asahikawa or Furano, we may be able to arrange something, just ask us at the time of the rental. In summer, we can meet you at the airport for contract signing and send you on your way! We do charge additional fees for this and require a minimum one-week rental, please contact us for details.
As per airport pick up, in summer, yes! In winter, it is sometimes possible to arrange Sapporo pick up, please ask, but again we are limited by weather conditions. We do not offer "transfers," however, so it is still a minimum one week rental with additional charges.
Cars drive on the left side of the road and have the driver's seat and steering wheel on their right side. The legal minimum age for driving is 18 years.
Firstly, before you can get out on the road you will need to either have a Japanese driver's license or a Geneva 1949 International Drivers' Permit (IDP). For an IDP, you will need to apply for and receive it in your home country in advance of your stay in Japan. You will need to carry your home country's driver's license and your passport with this permit and you will need to present all of these when you pick up a vehicle from us.
There is no left turn on red in Japan. However, even when the traffic light ahead of you is red, you can proceed in the direction indicated by any green arrow lights. The yellow arrow light is for trams, not cars. In Japan, some traffic lights change according to the flow of traffic. You can also change lanes in the intersection and pass vehicles in the intersection.
The International Drivers Permit is valid for one year from the date of issuance. A new IDP must be applied for each year. The permit is only valid when used in conjunction with a valid license from your home country. Please make sure your permit is valid before you arrive; we recommend you read our guide on what you need to drive in Japan. (If you show up with an expired license, we cannot hand over your rental vehicle!)

Pick Up/Drop Off Info
If you need a transfer from the airport we recommend trains or the shuttle bus service. These services are fast and efficient. You can also take a taxi from the airport to Niseko. 
If you are coming from the main airport in Sapporo, its name is "New Chitose Airport," sometimes referred to as "Shin Chitose" (shin chee-toh-say).
Most services go directly to Niseko or Kutchan -- these towns are right next to each other. If you have questions regarding picking up your vehicle and what place would be most convenient for you, please feel free to ask us for details.
Regular Bus Transfers
Two major local bus companies have services running to Niseko and Kutchan regularly.
Private Bus Transfers
For transfer directly from the airport to the Niseko area, we recommend taking the train to Kutchan Station (not Niseko Station). We offer rental vehicle pick up directly at Kutchan Station (you can pick this when you book your rental on our web site) and it's very convenient.

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