Peak Niseko Car Rental Announces New Location in Tokyo


Niseko, Hokkaido, 25/7/17

Peak Niseko Car Rental – Hokkaido’s No 1 budget rental Van Company and provider of budget camper van solutions for exploring Hokkaido, is expanding its efforts this week and opening a new location in Tokyo Japan. The service will officially open for business on the 1st August 2017 and will offer customers access to our budget camper rentals and 4WD Vans direct from Narita International Airport.

 Spokesperson Paul Cadogan expressed enthusiasm about the new launch stating, “It's a great opportunity for to supply the growing inbound tourism market offering our budget campers direct from one of the main Airports of Japan. We are excited about this growth hope our customers will make the most of increased access to our budget campers to explore Japan”.

The new location is projected to offer ease of use to new customers by offering easy pickup and drop offs in person at Narita Airport directly along with the native English bookings and services. Peak Niseko Car Rentals will continue to offer their budget rental cars, campervans and vans from Niseko Hokkaido in the mean time. Peak Niseko car Rentals has been in been in business in Hokkaido for 6 years.


Niseko, Hokkaido, 22/6/16

We highly recommend our customers look into purchasing a Sim Card to enable their mobile devices while travelling in Japan. The fact you can then check Google maps online, use Skype, check train time tables for the next trans and simply plan your day to day activities (There is tons of information online, but this info is harder to come by when you are on the road) means allot less hassle when traveling here. 

So which company offers the best deal on an inbound traveler SIM? The answer to this is "It depends". If you want lots of high-speed bandwidth without interruption or speed throttling, then the clear winner is bMobile (Japan Communications Inc.) which offers unlimited data for 14 days for JPY2,380. Conceivably you could pull down up to 5GB for this price, since they allow you to do up to 1GB every 3 days. The next best "big user" deal is UMobile with up to 6GB (limited to 200MB per day) for JPY3,500, and given these guys are one of the biggest players, it really puts the bMobile deal into perspective.

On the other hand, if you simply want a cheap solution to check Google maps and to do some emergency work email, then buying a 1GB limited SIM is a better way to go. With 1GB you can view Google maps about 1,300 times - which should be enough to not get lost for a week in Osaka! The winner for the lowest price SIM is FreeTel with 1GB at JPY1,780, followed by UMobile offering up to 1.4GB for JPY1,800. (As of Jun 13th 2016)

bMobile -
Umobile -
FreeTel -


Update 7th June 2016

Welcome to our new website - better info and more services including a over 250 waypoint map of Hokkaido campsites and points of interest in English. 


Update April 2015 

We now have camping cars! We can outfit our 8 seat vans so you can take advantage of the many many camping areas around Hokkaido. 

Equipment available for hire includes the following - 

Memory foam mattress for the back of the van (The seats fold down offering storage underneath and the mattress acts like a full twin bed. Very comfortable!) 

The Vans also come with curtains of course. 

Camping Table

Gas Hob for cooking

Camping Chairs

Ask us for anything else you may need and we will try our best to help you. We also have a English Map of over 40 public camp sites around Hokkaido, just ask!

Camping around Hokkaido - 

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Wake up to this - Camping in a Van around Hokkaido! 

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Looking for a well price rental car to use for the whole season in Niseko? Don't have a Japanese License and/or a Japanese address? Maybe we can help you. 

This season (2013/2014) Peak Niseko Car Rental can offer "Lease Vehicles" at very reasonable prices so please contact us for more info. 

Buying a used car can be difficult in Japan due to the protracted and long "Change of ownership" process and ridiculous amount of paperwork and identification needed (You need a "Car parking Certificate" to start with to prove you have a car space to park the car at your registered address for example). It can take up to three weeks after you purchase the car until you can drive it legally with insurance on the Japanese roads, and that is if you have a registered address, Japanese "Gaijin Card", and a valid Japanese Drivers Licence! 

"Leasing" a rental car can take all this hassle away - just turn up to Niseko, and pick up your lease rental car at a budget you can afford. All cars will be supplied with insurance and are totally covered for yourself and third party. All you need to bring is your VALID international licence. 

Prices starting at 65 000/ Month. Please contact us for more info...


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